Digital Project

Fall 2005, COA 8833 (CRN: 89170)

Time: Tuesday & Thursday 4:35 - 5:55 p.m., Fall 2005

Classroom: Arch Bldg #309

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Here are several examples that I generated. You need to install the latest TechSmith codec to view this animation files. You can download the codec from:

1) 3D Folding/Unfolding Example
A general (sheetmetal) folding/unfolding function does not take care of drafted edges if a material has some thickness. In this example, I added parametric definitions to a box model (e.g., a wood block) so that the box can automatically have drafted edges when a user wants to assemble a series of boxes maintaing a certain angle.

2) Morphosis Example
It shows how a square can be transformed into a hexagon and vice versa.

3) Blocks controlled by a curve
This example shows an array of blocks controlled by a curve. How it actually works is as follows:
a. A curve controls an array of points.
b. Several blocks (boxes) were created using the point array on two offsetted curves. So eventually the boxes follow a curve.
c. The block heights were defined by a plane. So by controlling the plane height and angle, it is also possible to control the block heights.

4) (Meta)morphosis example
It shows how the morphosis example works in an assembly

5) Constrained Igloo example

This example shows how a block shape can be automatically adjusted to a control curve and how multi-directional mitered (drafted) edges can be created following the control curve.

6) Funky Igloo example
This example shows an igloo controlled by two control line. This means that you can create a pretty funky shape by intentionally misaligning two control lines.

7 ) Creating a truss-like structure along isoparametic lines
This example shows how to easily create curved space truss bars along isoparametric lines using a Powercopied bar shape.

The powercopy file can be downloaded from:

8) Creating a truss-like structure aling diagonoal lines that go through the middle point of a surface
This example shows how to easily create curved space truss bars along isoparametric lines using a Powercopied bar shape.

9) Creating a curved surface using a Macro:
The Macro file:

10) Creating an array of arbitrary defined surfaces using a Macro:
The Macro file:
Screenshot: ArbitrarilyGeneratedSurfaceArray.bmp

11) Creating an array of planes along a Y axis
The Macro file:

12) Controlling a shape using a custom-built slider
Movie File: Slider.avi
The Macro and a part file:

13) Creating a new Macro library
Movie File: CreateNewVBALibrary.avi

14) Creating a box with four points using Powercopy 
Movie File + Powercopy File :