Digital Project

Fall 2005, COA 8833 (CRN: 89170)

Time: Tuesday & Thursday 4:35 - 5:55 p.m., Fall 2005

Classroom: Arch Bldg #309

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This course explores the use of advanced 3D parametric modeling and data exchange / sharing technologies in architectural design through a small design project. Through the course, students will learn how to develop ideas and transform them into a constructible shape using various digital design tools. The concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other computing technologies and tools will be also reviewed. "Digital Project", which is a homonym of the title of this course and also the title of a CATIA-based CAD system developed and used by Frank Gehry's office, will be used as the primary design tool.


Basic and general understanding of CAD system will be required for comparing and analyzing different CAD systems. "Introduction to Design Computing" by Thanos Economou (ARCH 4420) is a prerequisite to undergrads.


Grading will be based on assignments and term projects. Possible examples of term project include a portable comping house, re-configurable studio furniture, a deployable architecture, etc.


Dr. Ghang Lee

Office: Arch Bldg. 217

Information Resources

Relevant Courses

  • Intro to Design Computing (ARCH 4420, Athanassios Economou)
  • Seminar in Design Computing (COA8680, Eastman)
  • Design Cognition (Eastman, Zimring)
  • Design of Electronic Design Environments (COA6763E, CS6763, Eastman)
  • Engineering & Design Database (Eastman)
  • Electronic Media (ARCH 6404, Dimitropoulos)
  • Solid Modeling (Eastman)
  • Strategies for IT Adoption in the Building Industry (COA8903E, Eastman, Sacks)
  • 3D Modeling and Animation (Tolek Lesniewski)
  • Shape Computation (Athanassios Economou)